A few years after opening Al-Abbas Meat and Grocery Market in Dearborn,  MI, Abbas Hachem introduced a variety of handmade meat products  including hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, bologna, and his, now famous,  basturma. 

Throughout the years, Abbas has garnered a reputation  of providing high quality products as well as impeccable service. With  each year, the popularity of his basturma rose, not only within the  community, but also throughout the nation as people flocked to his doors  to get a taste of a traditional Lebanese delicacy and dubbing him the  "King of Basturma."

As a result, Abbas thought it fitting to do  what the Lebanese do best, which is to feed people, by providing  basturma on a much wider scale. Basturma is now available as a wholesale  product and all orders can be placed via phone or email. Smaller  orders, for personal consumption, can be purchased from Al-Abbas Meat  Market, at the same location.

Be sure to ask your local metro Detroit market for King of Basturma basturma.